Car theft prevention

Car thefts are becoming increasingly commonplace. Even though the manufacturers tend to provide improved safety features every year, it’s still relatively easy to lose some valuables from your car’s interior. Learn more about how to protect your vehicle from being robbed by reading the following tips. And even though the most sure-fire way to protect your personal things from being stolen would be to put a rottweiler inside, using some of this:

Classic cars for sale

Are you planning to purchase a classic car? Good decision! The old items usually retain their value way better than the ones manufactured these days. Strange as it sounds, yet, if you manage to buy a collector vehicle in a relatively good shape, there are high odds that you will not only get a lion’s share of the money you invested, but also make some additional profits. Before you strike a deal with the seller, though, be sure that you will be able to keep the car in a good condition. As a matter of fact, buying a collector/classic car is a wholly different story than having a regular car.

Tire maintenance advice

Wondering how long do tires last? The law is pretty clear on that point, yet, as it turns out, the legal limit is never enough.

The highway code says that the minimal tread depth is somewhere around 2/32”. If you care about your personal safety, it’s better to take care of your car’s tires much earlier. Here’s a few tips on how to take good care of the car’s rubber. Don’t forget tires are the only part of the car that is in touch with the ground. This means, keeping them in good shape ensures car’s proper performance, as well as the aforementioned safety. Read on to get a few tips on tire maintenance.

Old car vs new car

Buy a new car or keep the old one – that’s the question

Like in the Shakespearian play, many car owners face that never-ending, never-to-be-solved dilemma. No matter how hard it may be to make that decision, there is always a couple of factors that need to be taken into account before handing in the money to the dealer to purchase the new car. We have compiled a list of the most essential reasons why you may want to get rid of your current car and replace it with a new one. Read on and learn more on that issue.

Monetaizng driving license

In these dire days with the financial crisis looming on the horizon, everyone tries to make ends meet in various ways. Having a certain set of skills makes that much easier. No matter if we’re talking about welding skills, car fixing, or even cooking. Wait, how about having a driver’s license? Is it possible to make any money out of it in this country, where almost everyone holds that document? Well, let’s read and see for yourself! As it turns out, you can earn a few bucks by having the plastic itself. Not literally, perhaps, as you’d have to do some things. Yet, the comfort that any driver’s license holder can monetize their skills is definitely a good prospect. Read on and learn more how to make money with your permission to drive!

Safe sale car 2

Planning to get rid of your current ride? First off, big congratulations! If you managed to find a prospective owner it’s a huge success. After all, selling a car in these economically troubled times can be an ordeal. We’ll aid you in pushing the whole issue through. Reading this text you’re going to learn more on how to safe car in a safe way.

Cars under 5000-2

Another part of our Buy a car you can afford series. We will try and show you a larger overview of cars from various segments and classes so that you will be sure to find the best one for your. Enjoy!

Cars under 5000

Looking for a car priced at around 5 grand? Here, you will find a selection of models that would not only look in a fancy way, but also won’t deal huge blows to your bank account. Plus to that, $5000 is a sum for which you can purchase cars of all sorts. Need an SUV? No problem at all! Want to find a city car? Here you go, there’s quite a lot of these priced under 5 grand. Below is a subjective list of the best cars for under $5000.

Quick car sale

For whatever reason you decided to get rid of your current vehicle, finding the owner can be an ordeal. With the used cars market literally inundated with cars for sale and the financial crisis looming on the horizon, you may go weeks or even months before you finally manage to hand the keys over to the new owner. Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can speed the whole process up and we’d like to present them here. They are provided by the professionals – used cars dealers from all across the US. Well, no matter what you think about them, the guys really know their stuff. Learn more about how to sell your car in a rapid, yet painless way!

Flood-affected car

Is it worth to buy a water damaged car?

Every now and then our continent gets hit with some natural disaster like a hurricane or flood. Many a time, two of these in the very same period. You know – misery loves company. Anyways, since our nation is so much in love with the automobile, there are very high odds that in every area that has gotten hit with the natural disaster there are used cars for sale. In fact, they number of ads is mushrooming every time the water comes down and people manage to come back to normal (usually it’s about 2 or 3 months after the big disaster.) Anyways, the real problem here is, you can come across such cars without even knowing. Is it safe? If not, how to avoid such cars? Learn more by reading the article that follows below.