Old car vs new car

Buy a new car or keep the old one

By in Car selling advice on June 11, 2014

Buy a new car or keep the old one – that’s the question

Like in the Shakespearian play, many car owners face that never-ending, never-to-be-solved dilemma. No matter how hard it may be to make that decision, there is always a couple of factors that need to be taken into account before handing in the money to the dealer to purchase the new car. We have compiled a list of the most essential reasons why you may want to get rid of your current car and replace it with a new one. Read on and learn more on that issue.

  1. The maintenance costs rise

    Maintenance costs rise

    This is one of the most frequently quoted reasons on why people decide to dump their current cars and get a new one. Although it does not only pertain to rising gas consumption (with time it may soar significantly,) but also to costs of spare parts or the regular maintenance. Don’t forget that no matter how reliable your car used to be, the time is merciless. It will certainly leave its destroying mark on your car. At one point, you may realize that keeping the vehicle in a decent condition can easily exceed its current market value. And this is a moment where you can start thinking about trading it in. After all, even if you do all that is ailing your car at the moment, there is no guarantee that other issues will not appear soon. And, unless you can do some job on the car yourself to economize on the mechanics’ labor, this can be really frustrating.

  2. You like the new generation and you can afford it

    In case you have just realized that your current vehicle is running fine but the new generation looks smoother, you can give it a go. As long as you can afford buying a new car, though. A situation where you need to take huge loans in a bank to purchase the new car is not necessarily the healthiest choice for your pocket and personal finance.

  3. You need a different car

    Did you just become a parent? Are you changing the line of business and plan to start a construction works company? There are several reasons why you may be in need of purchasing a totally different set of wheels. As long as they are economically justifiable, you can certainly give them a go.

  4. Used or new?

    Old vs new

    This is a question that has been nagging almost every individual who were considering trading their old car. Well, the answer is not that simple. Supposedly, you have a sum for which you could buy both a new car and some used one. The final choice depends on what you are looking for. In case you are planning to keep the vehicle for a few years, it is definitely a great idea to walk into the showroom and purchase a brand new vehicle. After all, what you get is a 0 mileage, manufacturer’s warranty, as well as the nice smell inside. However, if you think that driving a brand new car will keep you safe from any costs, you are mistaken. Just the first example off the top of our heads – the car’s insurance. Many a time, if you want to keep your car totally safe, it’s better to purchase the full version of it which usually costs top dollar. Other than that, as long as you want to retain the warranty, you need to remember about all the manufacturer’s guidelines on maintenance. You would have to make every oil change in a certified dealership only. And don’t forget that their services usually cost an arm and a leg. And better forget about changing the bulbs in the headlights on your own. First off, you won’t be capable of doing that without having special tools (that only certified mechanics have,) but also there is a risk of your breaking some of the parts. And in case some mechanical failure takes place, forget about buying aftermarket pieces to fix it.

All these risks are not at all involved in buying a used car. You are usually free to repair it wherever you want to. In case you purchase a relatively new car with a low mileage, the risk of some serious maladies is rather low. So, the decision is up to you.

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