Car theft prevention

Tips on protecting your car from robbers

By in Car selling advice on August 27, 2014

Car thefts are becoming increasingly commonplace. Even though the manufacturers tend to provide improved safety features every year, it’s still relatively easy to lose some valuables from your car’s interior. Learn more about how to protect your vehicle from being robbed by reading the following tips. And even though the most sure-fire way to protect your personal things from being stolen would be to put a rottweiler inside, using some of this:

  1. Always take the keys with you

    Always take the keys with you

    Doesn’t that sound like a well-worn truism? Well, as insurance companies’ statistics show, almost 20 percent of car robberies tend to happen because the car’s owner failed to store their car keys in a safe place. So, whenever you leave your car in the parking lot, be absolutely sure that you take the keys with you. Even if you have keycards (as some of the newer and more luxurious cars are,) carefully hide them in your wallet, pocket, or any other safe place.

  2. Hide valuables from sight

    If you use an aftermarket radio in your car, better take it out anytime you leave the car. This is because it is relatively easy to pull it out without even having any special tools. Take our word for that – car burglars are really experienced in this matter! In addition, many car owners tend to leave a bag or wallet in a visible place. In case you can’t imagine having it carried around town, better put it under the front seat. And just one more thing – if you got sun blinds in your car, it’s always a good idea to have them on whenever you leave the car. In case the manufacturer did not include them, aftermarket ones are truly cheap.

  3. Park in crowded places

    Try park in crowded place

    Most robberies happen in secluded places. This means, it’s always a good idea to leave your car in a spot that is frequented by lots of people (for instance, in front of a 24/7 store.) Also, whenever you go to a huge parking lot, look for parking spots adjacent to some CCTV cameras. Thanks to that, you’d be sure that you got the burglar on tape so it’s easier to catch them later. Plus to that, they would probably get discouraged by the fact that they are in sight. One word of caution, though. The idea of crowded places does not pertain to the parking places located closely to shopping malls. People tend to be awfully blind there and do not react even if they see any burglary taking place.

  4. Turn on the security features

    You’ve spent a fortune on these security add-ons but don’t use them? Well, that’s sort of strange. Whenever you leave the car unattended, be sure that you turn on all of these alarms and security systems. Another thing is, people installing these features tend to put the stickers on windows. This is a great hint for any potential burglar, since they know what they are dealing with. So, you should always be sure to remove any of these.

  5. Lock your car

    Would you believe that many people still turn to forget about that most basic security precaution?

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